Who is Syria in civil war with and what caused this war?

I am taking a global history regents test tomorrow and there possibily might be a essay on politics, economics, civil war etc. and we have to use backround information. One topic that I heard about on CNN is Syria in civil war. All I want to know is, who is Syria in civil war with and what caused them to go into civil war.

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3 Answers to “Who is Syria in civil war with and what caused this war?”

  1. giaschi says:

    Civil War by definition means war with itself.

  2. Telegu says:

    Ohhhh christ, it’s a looonnngggg story.Basically the whole Arab Spring was formented by disconten in a lack of rise in living standards throughout the Middle East. The leaders in power now have been in thhe pocket of one power or another; Egypt with the US, Syria with Iran. Iraq was, we know now, an incredibly good power broker in the region, at least it was before Kuwait. Western intervention in the First Gulf War was the problem; completely destabilised the situation.Wat you’re seeing in Syria is an effort by the public at large but particularly the Sunni (a sect in Islam, a bit like Protestantism) rising up against the Alawite Shia leadership (a bit like Catholicism); to try and create a more equitable or at least different regime.This was a long time coming. Arabs have for too long been put down by these robber barons and dictators. It’s just a bit worrying and slightly exciting where this spring will take us lol.

  3. arizaga says:

    I wouldnt believe what American TV stations report. There is no civil war. There have been people trying to overthrow the Syrian government, just like the other Arab uprisings against entrenched leaders. In Syria these groups consist of al Quaeda groups, CIA paid merecenaries, common criminals, ex-Syrian army soldiers, foreign Islamic jihadists and citizens. The U.S. is supplying weapons to these groups through Quatar and Saudi Arabia.