EnviSci question, Soil in Cape May?

I have to write an essay tomorrow in environmental science, and he gave us our essays early to look at i have to write three essays and im ok with two but this one is messing me up if i could get some help that would be greatYour family bought a vacation home in Cape May, NJ. Your dad always wanted to grow his own vegetables so he is planning to dedicate a 50 x 100 foot section of the property for the garden. Your dad is clever enough to realize that his child has been learning all about soils in science. So he places you in charge of getting the soil ready to plant crops. Describe, in step-by-step fashion, the procedure you would follow to assess, diagnose, and treat the soil to make it ready for planting. Since you know the specific location, make sure your plan includes specific solutions for the soil type most likely found in Cape May, NJ.

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