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In a democracy, each party devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule — and both commonly succeed and are right.—H. L. Mencken Assume that the democracy Mencken refers to is the United States. Write a three-paragraph essay in which you explain and evaluate Mencken's statement.

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  • Assume that the democracy Mencken refers to is the United States and that each party refers to the Democrats and the Republicans

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  1. foliums says:

    “Assume that the democracy Mencken refers to is the United States. Write a three-paragraph essay in which you explain and evaluate Mencken’s statement.”The key word here is “YOU”. If I would answer it would not be YOUR words or YOUR answer from YOUR knowledge. Answer it from YOUR point of understanding–I don’t do others’ homework for them.

  2. Swartzbois says:

    So both parties are going to put themselves as close to the middle as they can to appeal to the most people. Yet if they are both exactly the same there is no reason why one person will vote for a party oppose to the other. So they difference themselves on the left or the right to be different. So the party on the right which should be the Republican Party can say, “To everybody who is further right then it is, that you know, is going to vote for us because you are not going to vote for these guys because they are more left than we are and vice versa. So, yes they tend to take some similar positions or more middle positions, not extreme positions. But at the same time, because they want to win elections, they will always try to be different then the other party on major issues. [external link] …

  3. arsylene says:

    Honey, this isn’t a ‘question’. You are hoping somebody will do your assignment for you.Now, how on earth would you learn anything that way?Sounds like you need to get off the computer and get busy.

  4. beresite says:

    What you have to do is pretty self-explanotory. Google the first sentence in your second paragraph above. Do one paragraph evaluating his statement. – That is..explain it. Do the second paragraph and use the United States as a reference to the quote. – That is.. assume that the government of the United States is the country he is talking about.Do the third paragraph and just re-explain what you have previously stated. – That is..Close it up. Done deal.