How would I organize this is an college essay?

Discuss the function and significance of probation. WHat are some of the strengths and weakness of probation? I don't need details I just need help making it a very well organized paper.Please be very detail in your answer.Thanks =)

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  1. tussled says:

    Give a brief introduction of probation. When it began and its initial purpose. Stay away from your opinion, but definitely end the first paragraph with you thesis. I’d set it up so you can easily discuss the strengths & weaknesses throughout your paper. Second paragraph. Start with the biggest strength. Back it up with facts, figures, and studies. This would be a good spot to use some references and to add to your bibliography. Third paragraph. Discuss weaknesses. Show a lot of evidence if you can to back up your point. Fourth paragraph. I’d talk about its current situation and any laws or movements to change probation.Fifth. End it with the summary. Talk about the weaknesses but I’d highlight how its serves a purpose in society