Teen pregnancy essay?

whats a good thesis statement for an essay on teen pregnancy?

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  1. hybridizes says:

    Babies having Babies

  2. epoxies says:

    Are teenage children being left to raise themselves in the home? If so, is this because the parents are younger or they just do not want the responsibility anymore? Has this in anyway been the issue for the rise in teem pregnancy?

  3. chideme says:

    now that we are moving in to a new stage in life it seems to be that more and more teens are choosing to become parents at an early age! if you are looking for somthing short I would go with what the first person said

  4. vinnie says:

    what kind of essay? where are you looking at [local? u.s.? U.K. because it's highest? the world?] what aspect of teen pregnancy- prevention, cause, after, during, social, health? who it affects? why it’s good or bad? abstinence? safe sex? what do you define as ‘teen’? are you looking to change the state of it? keep it the same? abortion? or maybe policy- should the parents be notified? have consent?right now what you have is too broad. narrow it down to something specific- I hope those questions have helped a little bit.and when you write your essay, keep asking why- like why it matters? [if you need to stretch for more space]the 5 w’s and 1 h are pretty helpful, I think.

  5. quadrupedantic says:

    You might point out that teenage pregnancy is actually at an all-time low in the US. 50 or 100 years ago there was MUCH more teenage pregnancy, but most teenage mother were married then. Marriage trends have changed, teenage sex and pregnancy trends haven’t.BTW did you know that studies of marriage and birth records from colonial times show that MOST girls were pregnant at the altar in those days?