Underage Drinking Essay Title?

I'm writing an essay on underage drinking essay, and I'm looking for a funny/witty title. Ideas?

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  • aerticle title ideas for underage drinking

5 Answers to “Underage Drinking Essay Title?”

  1. tautaugs says:

    Haha once i did a research essay on animal cruelty. I called it “Animal Cruelty Is Bad”. Teacher thought it was pretty funny.

  2. oxman says:

    May I See Your ID?erm,Stupid is as drinking does[kinda lame sorry]

  3. Paramus says:

    I love “DWI: Drinking While Immature” that Leigh gave you because DWI means driving while intoxicated! It’s a regular police abbreviation.

  4. preannounce says:

    hmmm perhapsCrime or conflict of interest…..Do as your parents did….Not as they told you….Liver disorder…. well at least its not my heart!Vomiting uncontrollably…. Is this what being drunk feels like?Stomach pump… well at least its not a brain operation.I dunno if thats the sort of thing ur lookin forAnyway hope i helped

  5. culshaw says:

    Drinking While Immature (DWI)orDrinking Until ill (DUI)thats the best i could come up with, sorry not that clever.