What are my chances of getting into USC Film School?

I'm a Junior and for my Quarter one I got a 3.55 GPA. I go to a private, college prep highschool.My second quarter ( I haven't gotten the report card back but I got A-, B, B, B, B- )I am involved in these clubs:Newspaper club, Art Club, Theatre Guild, Passport club (traveling club), Amnesty Int'l, Model UN, Visions literary magazine.I take photography/composition class.I have written a 98+ paged script, my family member is editing it for me and sending it to his good friend who is a film(director)I will be the first in my family, (mother, father, and grandma) to go to college.I have a college fund(quite large) from my great-grandfather who owned a Pepsi plant... (not trying to brag)I live with my grandparents, and my father lives in FL..so depending on the essay topic, I could have a killer essay describing why I should be accepted. (you would know if you knew the situations i have had to be in)I'm going to visit USC, UCLA, Chapman, Loyola, etc in April... should I send them my script sample?Also, in the summer I am thinking about summer film school..I want to be a screen-writer.

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  1. thermosetting says:

    If you are lucky, you will not be accepted to a Film School. It is better you do not apply at all. Film Schools exist only to provide salaries to Film School Professors. Very few graduates ever make a good living in the film industry. More than a few must humiliate themselves in low level, dead end jobs before giving up and starting careers at Taco Bell scrubbing toilets.

  2. reduplicate says:

    Most schools give admission criteria type data on their web pages, usually under admissions and/or under the school/department you would be part of. Go there and see what they say about qualifications, sending scripts, etc.And get someone to proof read any letters or essays you send in. If you usually write like you do above, you don’t want the school to know that until you are already in and spending some of that money, which the school will want to keep and so be motivated to help you stay.