Can someone please give me a catchy title for an essay?

My essay is "Is lottery good for the education system?", but I don't have a "catchy" title for the essay.Help please.

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5 Answers to “Can someone please give me a catchy title for an essay?”

  1. amphitene says:

    “Gambling on a good education”I hope that helps.Jesus loves you!

  2. tyrannies says:

    “I’ll buy a letter for a dollar.”"Is The Educational System a Gamble?”"The Lottery: Making the Grade.”"Will You Gamble On Student Success?”"Educational Lottery: The Winning Ticket”

  3. BENNETT says:

    “Playing the Education System”"Gaming the System”" Winning the Jackpot”

  4. slightish says:

    Gambling your educationLottery at Odds with Education

  5. likelie says:

    Hi,My suggestion is here:”Are there any correlations between Lottery and Education systems?”