Does anyone have statistics on straight people being hired over gay people?

i have an essay due tomorrow so please please please help :/

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4 Answers to “Does anyone have statistics on straight people being hired over gay people?”

  1. lowrie says:

    I am not aware of any company in their application form asking if you are gay or not (i presume this is illegal anyway to ask)

  2. trimargarin says:

    no, nobody does.. because its not worth studying. 97% of the world is straight, so it is statistically more likely that a non gay person willget any job.

  3. hengst says:

    In modern times you are not going to find or see those types of statistics, if they even exist. That would give us gays way too much fuel and we would most certainly flood the courts with discriminatory lawsuits.However, when I came out 20+ years ago, Cracker Barrel was heavily protested by the Gay Community because of their blatant discrimination policy against gays, and they were not shy about it.Bill Clinton removed the ban that prevented the FBI from hiring gays. It was believed at the time gays posed a serious confidential risk by being susceptible to blackmailing as threatening to be “outed” if they didn’t break confidentiality. This of course is not true if discrimination is removed, the threat to be “outed” would be diminished as the harmful affects from it would have since been weakened.

  4. linfield says:

    oh no i’m not gay haha i’m 100% straight sorry..just writing a persuasive essay for my english class and i have to get a good grade..thanks for you answers(:@snotalie..that may be your opinion but it honestly wasn’t worth reading sorry-oh and if u wanna read my essay say so i’ll post it up(: Report Abuse