How can i do a brilliant photo essay?

i need some help my pplz.

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2 Answers to “How can i do a brilliant photo essay?”

  1. seniles says:

    Take your pictures in black and white. Then pick out one object in each picture and put the color back in it. Very dramatic. Or do the black and white pictures, and whatever the subject of it is – make it the only thing that’s in color.

  2. dirinfo says:

    I think the best way is to find a subject you like.You could start off just walking around in everydaylife. Look at small things like a crack in the sidewalk,or a bird or bug in the trees. Take many pictures,people too. Make it really diverse. Then when you’re finishedlook at all of your photos and create a universe around themthen write out any story you can imagine. Make it an Epic or Romance or Comedy. But keep one rule in mind.PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL!Good Luck I hope it helps!