How can i make my essay sound smart? with big words?

i have 2 make an essay about the bomb of hiroshima im in he 8th grade and i want 2 get a page where they can like translate not translate it but just mak eeit sound smatr with big and smart words like : consequently, in spite of, on the contrary and more words like that any help? I NEED WEBSITES PEOPLE! HELP! thnx very much...xoxoxo

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8 Answers to “How can i make my essay sound smart? with big words?”

  1. pemphigoid says:

    google Hiroshima essay, read a few essays and then put it in your own words, use a thesaurus for the big words, but its better to be clear than to use words out of context

  2. unbudged says:

    you don’t need to use the phony words to make yourself look smart. teachers will feel it right away, seriously. just be sincere and logical. read the text aloud to yourself and/or family. when reading aloud, all the clumsy spots become evident. also, check [external link] for some writing assistance

  3. sobful says:

    A smart essay usually contains every-day words, used correctly–and spelled correctly.

  4. politys says:

    Here’s what you doWrite your essay, send it to me, and I’ll just do it for you. I won’t overdo it so your teacher knows, I’ll be SUBTLE. See? Subtle? eh? [email not allowed]

  5. siluroids says: under thesaurus

  6. unrespected says:

    You’d have to be smart, and know big words to pull this off. Your teacher knows you and knows your capabilities. If you plagarize something, you’ll get caught AND you’ll be stealing an education from yourself, but ending up with stupidity. Not a good deal for anyone. I suggest you study the material, and get with a writing tutor who’ll help you organize YOUR thoughts into YOUR essay.

  7. jessamin says:

    I’ve never heard about a website that makes your work sound smarter, but you could use the thesarus ( [external link] ) to replace some of your weaker words with stronger ones.Also, this page greatly helps with transitions: [external link] …About your actual structure, I would suggest making an outline of your paper before writing it so that it flows and fits together well.Quite frankly: If someone else does it for you, your essay will sound smarter, but you won’t be any smarter yourself.

  8. metropolitanize says:

    Organization of your paper alone will make it better. Do not go all over the place with your facts and information. Keep in contained.