How do i start my essay?

I have to write an essay on The Rockefeller Family. But I'm not sure how to start it, or how long to make it.It has to be a presentation thingy-ma-jig.Any advice?(I'm in 7th grade)13 years old))

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  1. chowhound says:

    How long is your presentation going to be?Is your essay your presentation? How to start it? Who they are, how they got rich, what they did, what happened to them.EditThere should be more than enough information online for you to write more than that, but don’t just copy it all out. Go to a few different websites to get the overall story and then condense it into a sensible story. As said, start off with who they are and how they got rich and then follow the family history through the decades covering various things they got up to.

  2. disesteem says:

    It’s always best to explain or describe what your presentation/essay is about so a paragraph with a short description of the Rockefeller Family and what points you’re going to focus on i.e personal life, business, family members and so on.