How long was Thomas Jefferson a lawyer?

I have a three page essay on Thomas Jefferson due in a week, and I was wondering how many years he was a lawyer... Can you help me?

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2 Answers to “How long was Thomas Jefferson a lawyer?”

  1. profascists says:

    Thomas J. was a lawyer? THE Thomas J.?!

  2. Pyxis says:

    Hello Manga, Thomas Jefferson, a lawyer from Virginia, was one the founding members. Jefferson was a notable political leader in the state of Virginia when he was elected to the Continental Congress. There he would write the Declaration of Independence and mentor a young James Madison. Jefferson was our first the first Secretary of State in President Washington’s Cabinet. After a disagreement with Alexander Hamilton, he resigned the position in 1793. Later Jefferson became our third United States President. Jefferson was a great politicianJefferson’s personal life was much more colorful. … The full essay is here: