Should I underline a movie title in Spanish?

I'm writing an essay in Spanish and I mention the title of a movie. I was told by my professor not to use <<>> (Spanish quotes). Should I underline the title of the movie, make it bold, italic, etc.?

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4 Answers to “Should I underline a movie title in Spanish?”

  1. ravishedly says:

    I say italic.

  2. kaituma says:

    Yes, that goes for every movie in any language-Keoka

  3. geodetical says:

    i would say underline it. i dont tihnk u wud loose marks if it was wrong anywhoo

  4. webber says:

    Either way is acceptable. However, since the movie title is in Spanish, italicizing it could be better since I believe you should italicize words or phrases or titles that are foreign to show unfamiliar words or phrases.