WTF Does this even mean? Social stuff?

Imperialism, did more that destroy the sovereignty of Indigenous states and societies. The nature of colonial rule itself left devastating social and economic and psychological effects on African and other Indigenous peoples. Overpowered and denied the opportunity to develop their potentials along the lines of their unique social, cultural peculiarities, African countries and indigenous groups were forced to grow according to the whims and preferences of their colonial masters.I have no idea what all that means, I missed the past couple of days and have to write an inclass essay on that, whether I agree or disagree, and all that. Can anyone translate that to normal understandable english? And how would I make a thesis out of that?!?!Thanks! If anyone tries... :)(I know this is in wrong section, but I dont get much answers anywhere else.)

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  1. endress says:

    (I know this is in wrong section, but I dont get much answers anywhere else.)ahaha thats right! and you wont get any right answers here either.

  2. seemer says:

    Imperialism is when one country or nation that is larger the others take over smaller countries for their land and natural resources. But when European Imperialism came to Africa many new, good things were introduced. When new medicines came to Africa, African people could live longer healthier lives. When European government was brought, new laws were established to protect the unprotected and the weak. When public education came, many native Africans became literate and smart. Thus, Imperialism is justifiable. When Imperialism came to Africa, Europeans brought new medicines that cured many diseases that were killing many people. Diseases that were once incurable are now curable because of strong medicines that were provided by the white men. Diseases plagued much native African lanImperialism brought European government and a new set of laws that protected the weak, poor, and women from abuse. The weak and the poor had to be protected or else they would be totally dominated by the strong and would die. The women of many African tribes were often being abused due to religious thoughts of their culture. Women were beaten and raped, and there was often no punishment for the person who committed the crime because it was so common and accepted. Women also had no voice in laws, meetings, or anything. By giving Africa a European government it helped women and the weak to become taken care of, thus helping Africa and making it a better place to live in. Every year due to bad sanitation which caused vast death among Africans. Europeans introduced new surgical techniques to Afr

  3. verine says:

    Umm…ok. It says that f-ers came in,took over,and the people of the land were essentially enslaved by the new culture. Says that the newcomers denied those that actually belonged there and took their rights away. It also says I will NOT do yer damn homework

  4. slapnik says:

    how would you feel if people came who thought they were superior to you and took over everything. your not allowed to practice your traditions and your culture and beliefs get diluted and washed away. they force you to believe in what they believe. basically its the raping of a culture.

  5. outkick says:

    It simply means that Imperial “states ” such as Japan, China, The anglo countries etc. destroyed the chances of indegeous people (meaning all types of people brought to any particular country) or coming on their own, destroyed the cultures and traditions and ways of living for many indegeous races. such as slavery in the USA , Slavery in almost every third world country . they now rely on the countries they live in even if they were not born there.