College essay question please help? if you can.?

any way, I have written this essay and so far it look and sound good but I want to make sure if it is a good written paper or do I have to add more ideas or delete some sentence. so please if you will be kind to evaluate evaluate my essay and corrected on grammar, punctuation and sentences, vocabulary. so I'm asking you to be my teacher and grade my paper and also use it like if it was your own have fun with it and give me more idea or what not fit in the essay. one thing I may want to let you know that the word in ITALIC I;m having trouble with it and trying to delete or take it off the sentence and the paper. so tell me what you think. thank much appreciate. this is my second draft. please be kind. thanks again. Whole process essay first draft"My College Experience as a Freshman" Three of the hardest things I found that was challenging when I first arrived at San Diego City College were firstly to take a serious responsibility for my academic progress, secondly finding parking space and lastly the pressure the family put on me. One of the very first thing I had encounter when I first arrive at San Diego City College as a freshman was that I want to know more about my Academic Success and transfer to SDSU. I didn’t want to do what other friends of mine whom spend years in SDCC not knowing what they want to do with their life nor what to accomplish in city college. To be honest, in the beginning of my freshman year I was like them. I didn’t have a clue of what major I want to be or what classes should I take, because I had no college experience or know anything of what city college has to offer. So I wander around not knowing what I want to achieve or accomplish. So sooner or later I came to my senses and took a chance of going to the counseling office and talk to one of the counselor. There, my counselor made me take some easy and hard requirement class that are accepted at University level. She also advice me that if I’m having a hard time in any of my classes that I should always seek for a help. I should either see my professor before or after class or go to the tutoring department. So I made a decision to go to tutoring and get help with the homework and assignments. The students at the tutoring department were wonderful. They helped me understand the topic that was discussed in the class earlier. They also told me that to always be prepare and better to read the assignment before coming to the class. So that I can participate in class discussions and class argument. I also used to put off my school work with parties and going out with my friends. Wisely, I manage to save time for my study and not procrastinate because I didn‘t want to get bad grades. So I spend more time on homework, less time on work and other distractions. Another thing that I was aware of that my professor will drop me after 3 or 4 days of not attending class. So I paid close attention to that because I didn‘t want to be drop from class for making up absent or tardiness excuse. That is not acceptable in college. Being a freshman in college taught me a lot that I should take my education serious. It also taught me that I should take responsibility and matters on my own hands and not depends on others. This was one of the first hardest thing I had to face during my freshman year in city college. The second thing I had encounter that was very hard and challenging for me as a college freshman was finding parking space. When I first visited city college at the time when I was registering and taking my placement test. I was happy and overwhelm because city college has a lot of parking lot and parking space but I soon to learned that these parking space aren’t enough for all the students. I mean, on my first day I had a hard time finding parking space. It took me almost one hour to find a park. I also had to park all the way up on balboa parking lot and walk 5 to 10 minute to class. I came in late in my first and second class meeting and my professor almost drop. I felt rude and embarrassed walking in late and distracting the class. So I made a big adjustment and sacrifice to I wake up early, take my siblings to school and get to my class on time. The other thing I didn’t know about City College parking was that city college students must have a parking permit. So I got a $40 citation ticket for violation of not having a parking permit. I tried to talk my way out of it at the City College Police Department but they didn’t care about my excuse so they made me pay the fine. San Diego City College has a lot of parking space but they are limited to both the staffs and students. This was also one of the hardest thing I had to face as a college freshman student."I came from a very crazy family if I may say and it was hard for me to find a time to study with all the work and family responsibility". Third, although my parents encourage me and supports me to go to college, living with them was a nightmare. They have pressure

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    Unfortunately, there is entirely too much to have to fix. I would end up rewriting the whole thing. I’m sorry, but you need to re-read this essay yourself and think about it. Think of how it flows, how to keep same tenses within a sentence, and definitely think about spelling. Try again.