Whats a good hook for a essay about fahrenheit 451?

im writing an essay on the themes... so i dont know how to begin... i need a good hook....and maybe find out what clincher and transition are...help anyone please! :S

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2 Answers to “Whats a good hook for a essay about fahrenheit 451?”

  1. acosmism says:

    I am trying to write a good hook for Romeo & Juliet. My recoomendation to you would be to try something called the Magic Three Hook. Focus on a theme, event, or a repeating word, and incorporate it into a hook. This has proven helpful to me in the past.Ex. The moon sparkled DOWN on the crystal blue waters of the Pacific. The small hut DOWN the beach sparkled in the night sky. Joe, sitting in his boat, noticed the long way DOWN the canal he had in front of him.There are many possibilities to this solution, and I suggest you try many types before selecting one. The example above was of the repetition style. Notice the word “DOWN” in each sentence. It gives the hook a certain flow. Good luck on your hook. Let me know if it helps. (+)(-)

  2. unputrefied says:

    How about something like, “A society hooked on TV, and police forces that harass and punish independent thinkers — is this really just FICTION?! …Some may think it “impossible” that books would ever disappear…. (‘hey, where’s my iPOD?’)…”Try to think in terms of an irony, about how outlandish this book seemed, when it first appeared, as to what has actually happened to our society today, particularly in the wake of 9-11.Hope that helps! Have fun!