Any good essay writers out there? Good Morning…..?

I need someone to help me write 250 words or less of this question: If you could say one thing to the entire world at once, what would it be and why?You wont do all the work, whoever helps. I will tell you what I want to say, then you help me make it sound professional. If anyone is willing to help, please IM me. To IM me, click on my icon, and then click "IM this contact." Thanks to anyone who attempts to help.

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5 Answers to “Any good essay writers out there? Good Morning…..?”

  1. sinnable says:

    What you need to do is post your 250 words up here .. then we can take a look at it and help you out.We should do NONE of the work, except to edit your final product. If you can tell us what you want to say via IM, you can write it down and post it.

  2. manos says:

    i am not a native English speaker,but i think that i can give you some ideas and help you…if you still want help,invoice me…

  3. tremens says:

    glad to be of some help to ya! Report Abuse

  4. platzes says:

    I’ll help but I don’t IM.

  5. mckinley says:

    Well, what do you feel strongly about? Me personally, I would want to tell everyone to do their share to be responsible about conservation, how the lack of is destroying this earth for our children’s children etc…Anyways, when writing essays, it is a good idea/habit to NOT use contractions – write it out instead e.g. write “have not” instead of “haven’t”. PLUS it will give you TWO words instead of one!