How do you become popular?

I need to know how to become popular. It is actually for an essay for english. Can you guys please help me? I will answer your question. Just leave it!

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6 Answers to “How do you become popular?”

  1. sorghums says:

    Be a slut

  2. showain says:

    Wear revealing clothing, laugh a lot, act like a retard, and say “omg” every now and then

  3. xanthomelanous says:

    judging by my school when i went (10 yrs ago)… the popular kids all had a gf/bf (of the opp. sex of course). they seemed kinda athletic and musical. they had a big big group of them. the only time they talked to outsiders was when they wanted a hand with their school work. some had cars. they also smoked and had sex.

  4. circumanal says:

    you can’t if ur gay

  5. yessing says:

    if your in high school… id say good hygiene, money, be outgoing, be friendly, throw parties, get good grades, for guys be the football team captain who dates the favorite cheerleader and for girls be the cheerleader, and not being gay.

  6. cacorhythmic says:

    Well, i’m 14, and not popular at all, but i think to become popular…well, at my school, the popular girls are the ones with the best fashion, they’re all very pretty…they wear lots of make up, and date guys at young ages, and they try to act a lot older, etc. sort of like the stereotypical popular girls in all the movies, i guess, to become popular, you have to join that sort of group and gradually grab on to all those concepts (see above)….or whatever the popular girls at your school are like.