How to write a news story in simple steps?

For my English class were writing a procedural essay teaching somebody how to do something. I really want to write about how to write a news story, but I'm having trouble putting it in 10 or more easy to follow steps.I have to just put it into steps now then go into details and write the essay later. Here's what I have so far:1. Gather all information. This includes interviews, facts, etc.2. Pick which information and quotes are going into the story3. Write a lead

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  1. politicizer says:

    First, you must pick an interesting topic.Second, try to write an interesting intro.You do not have to care about the information you have right now, because you will find it later.After you get a really interesting intro, you will need to get all the information about the intro.When you are done, you should do the conclusion which have the question at the end. That’s a good way to let your audiences remember your essay.