Will I loose marks……….please help…?

Well I am doing A2 levels in Fine Art, Graphics and Textiles. And its like the time of the year where I have to hand everything in to get it assessed and marked.I have done all my Projects, all 9 decent sketchbooks, 3 in each subject. However I have to do a 1000 word essay in Fine Art and Graphics, which I have already done. But I'm just worrying that the essays will make me loose marks and affect my grade. I've worked really hard this year got all A's in all Subjects from the Christmas assessment. So I don't want to ruin everything.So the Question is, will I loose marks if my Essay's aren't good enough?I have really bad writing skills and stuff, so I'm just worrying too much.

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    Yes. The essay is a sort of way of saying, well you can walk the walk, but can you talk the talk. To be brutally honest, if you have worked hard then the essay should be no problem, and to be really mean it should be absolutely top notch because its not like your subjects are hard, you will have quite a lot of time to revise essay technique, you can look for examples on the internet and use them to help you. Also going under the word count for the essay will loose you marks too, and going over to much will loose you marks. You should go to your teacher, or go see a teacher who teaches essay subjects and ask them to help you if you are really stuck.