I need a title for my essay about Facebook?

I have written an essay for my university writing class about Facebook. It's a personal narrative on how, through facebook, i was able to find new friends and keep in touch with old ones. Only issue i am having is coming up with a good title. Any ideas would help a ton!My attempts:Facebook: Making memories a thing of the pastFacebook: Forgetting people is that much harderThe Facebook Effect

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5 Answers to “I need a title for my essay about Facebook?”

  1. genuses says:

    facebook:forgetting people is that much harder or the facebook effect

  2. dinkel says:

    The New Little Black Book

  3. circination says:

    Facebook: why my grades dropped 30%

  4. poderia says:

    “Facebook: A Short Phenomenon?”I say that because Myspace lasted for about 5 seconds. Then facebook took over. What next?Or “Facebok: The Social Obseesion of todays Youth”I say that for obious reasons.

  5. tophe says:

    how about :the social networking website or my facebook story?