Need help with my grammar!?

is this right or theres another way i can make this sentence? ""At school, kids talk too much about the games they play instead of talking about their school works"" im from ESL so im not sure about my grammars, im doing essay by the way

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2 Answers to “Need help with my grammar!?”

  1. biciliate says:

    That is okay, just a couple things. Schoolwork is one word and does not have an “s” on the end.I would change it to”At school, kids talk more about the games they play than about their schoolwork.” It sounds less awkward.But very good!

  2. ringbuf says:

    I’ll rewrite it…”Kids at school talk too much about the games they play instead of their school work.”I could add a couple of words to that:”It’s a well-known fact that students spend way too much time talking about the games they play instead of concentrating on their studies.”