Problem solution essay on poverty?

What are some problems for poverty? What could we do as a solution? what would the result be?

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  1. monikers says:

    The reason why we have poverty is in large a cause of bad distribution of resources. Industrialized countries often take more than they give, that’s what we call “making profit”. In recent years things have gone out of hands, as the industry has turned into “the more the merrier,” this can be displayed by asking any farmer! Just a decade ago a farmer could live by what he produced, now a modern farmer in the U.S has to produce 6 times the amount of corn to earn similar wages to feed his family. Our consumption of resources and desire for low-priced products has increased demand of production. Another major source to poverty is starvation; 1kg meat consumes 10kg wheat. We eat more and more meet, thus consuming more and more crops that otherwise could have fed more people. With the limited resources available and bad distribution (there are places where corn is burned as fuel/heathing!) people in parts of the world are starving. There are even more startling facts to discover, if you’re interested, check out the documentary called “We feed the world”. Food is so fundamental, if you can’t even feed your people, how can you even start thinking about developing a country?A solution to the problem really is to better distribute resources, eat less meat, pay more for your daily products etc. The result would be that we’d be spending more money on food to increase other nation’s welfare insted of spending it on a brand new electronic product, brand clothes or expensive useless products.

  2. battlewagon says:

    One countries poverty is another countries upper class. If our citizens have healthy food, shelter, security, affordable medical, and free and accessible education, then poverty is not a problem. Every country is different, but If you want a result In the US, then I recommend paying everyone to get sterilized or take birth control in order to end many of the biological and sociological conditions that pass poverty to the next generation.

  3. welshwomen says:

    1. limited access to the formal credit markets. The solution is microcredit. The result is great in some countries.2. limited access to the infrastructure such as land deed, irrigation water, price support scheme, education, health care. There are populist and non-populist policy,but the result is minimal.3. triggle-down effect. The equal income distribution policies, including taxes are not working.4. depletion of forrest and natural resources. Nothing has been done effectively so far.5. NGOs are turning political and unrest.