Should I capitalize “grade point average” in an essay?

I'm writing an essay and I need to know if I should capitalize "grade point average" or not. I know GPA is capitalized but I want to write it out. Thanks.

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4 Answers to “Should I capitalize “grade point average” in an essay?”

  1. dought says:

    No, it is not a proper noun.Only proper nouns need to be capitalized.So, you do not have to capitalize it.

  2. bobization says:

    No, I don’t think it needs to be capitalized.

  3. jeavock says:

    Nope.My Grade Point Average was a little higher than I expected.My grade point average was a little higher than I expected.What do you think? Caps or not? :)

  4. brunswick says:

    “Grade Point Average”if you were saying I have a 4.0 “Grade Point Average”specifically… i would assume yes.but if you were saying a ” grade point average ” is a calculation of… i would assume its not capitalized.