What part does fact and opinion play in expository essays?

Opinion should start/end at the thesis statement. While the thesis statement conveys your opinion about a topic, it must then be supported by facts, examples, reasons, and other objective research in the Body of your essay. Furthermore, the information must be presented fairly and in a non-biased manner. The bottom line - no opinion here!The expository essay is built from critical thinking and research, and facts in the form of evidence, examples, or statistics are essential to this form of academic writing.

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2 Answers to “What part does fact and opinion play in expository essays?”

  1. baytalk says:

    Your thesis statement is an opinion that you are trying to prove. You use facts (from the novel, historical event, etc.) to prove that you thesis is feasable. Your purpose in an expository essay is to logically explain how these facts support your personal opinion about a subject.

  2. specter's says:

    Well, an expository essay is a collection of explanations and facts. Opinions of others can be presented in an objective way, so long as they don’t interfere with facts.