English – Animal Farm by George Orwell; Napoleon..HEEELLPPP!?

right well im in 10th grade, and i have this english essay to do about napoleon in animal farm. i dont understand any of it because i wasnt here for her lessons, and i told my teacher before we broke up for vacation, and she said i had to get on with it :( these are the questions on my sheet, can someone please help me and answer these in detail for me?- who is napoleon? what role does he have in the novel?- how does orwell present napoleon at the beginning of the novel and why?- what important desisions does he make at the beginning of his leadership?- how does his leadership style change during the novel?- how does he manipulate the other animals?- what does napoleon represent? why did orwell present him in such a way and how do the readers respond to his character?can you answer them in detail using quotations as well please and if you cant answer all of them, just answer the ones you can again using quotes and detailsomeone please help meee..! :'(

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  1. revolution's says:

    napoleon is the image of the leader of communist russia. The whole of animal farm is a microcasm (a reflection of society on a smaller level.)He manipulates the other animals using persuasive techniques

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    google it