How do I speed up the brainstorming process when writing an essay?

I went to take a GED test but the person nexed to me was distracting. . .and i spent too long on the brainstorming process. . .I geuess id like to know how to get brainstorming and having the ideas flow out of my head faster. . .

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3 Answers to “How do I speed up the brainstorming process when writing an essay?”

  1. Sakai says:

    Knowledge on the subject , vocabulary ,communication ability in writing with logical reasoning is basically required.In the case of debatable topics proper linking of knowledge & experience is required.Comprehending the experience requires good writing ability.Visualisation of topic in real sitiation can also provide better ideas to provide as solution in topics having problems & calling solutions.Best wishes

  2. ruers says:

    Keep practicing it by doing practice brainstorm problems beforehand. It will become second nature and if you really rock the practice brainstorm questions & answers, you will probably cover just about every type of brainstorm essay question they throw at you. Nearly 100% will be covered because it’s the GED for crying out loud. They’re not looking to fail you dude. The only job you’ll get without a HS diploma or GED is line holder at the welfare department so they want you to pass and not be a leech.

  3. perdido says:

    have more knowledge