Tell me of this Persuasive essay on Dumb Blondes is good? Please :) <3?

I have always wondered, are blondes actually "Dumb" as we call them. That led me to research this topic, is this "Sad reality" or a big "Myth". First to really understand this tale, we must find out where it originated. In this case there is several ways it could have. 1) People always consider blondes more attractive than a common brunette or red head. That way they wouldn’t need the smarts or wits to attract a guy as they say. 2) There was this movie featuring Marilyn Monroe. It was a movie about two show girls trying to attract a guy. It shows how in the end that the blondes have more fun and are more outgoing, as opposed to brunettes who use their brains and wits to attract a guy. (All guys are different). I mean how we can help not believe this crazy tale. I can name several blondes, of the top of my head who are as dumb as a donkey. Ok… Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and Marilyn Monroe! Yes now we can add a couple of "Dumb" blondes to our list ;)Just to let you know these people all are born with blonde hair (No chemicals needed to be inhaled to make them dumb/ so that rules out brain intoxication); But the same way I can name "Dumb" Blondes of the top of my head I can name some bright ones too. ….. Scarlet Johansson, Pamela Anderson, and Cameron Diaz. Did you notice these Blondes are Beautiful and they have the brains? What a Package. It’s just more of an advantage for the smart ones because they have the sassy and the Witt, and opposed to the sassy and (Blank). We are sitting here naming blondes that are supposedly "Dumb" and/or "Smart". When we could be comparing these "Dumb/Smart" Blondes to our every day common lived haired Brunettes. As I Did all my research I discovered, that there is no articles about Brunettes being "Smart/and, or/ Dumb. I guess people never got to compare the Brunettes to the Blondes, because it never occurred to them a brunette or red head could be as "Dumb" as a Blonde. This could mislead people doing research that truly it dose depend on your hair color if you have the "Brains" or "Beauties". But why cant people have both? This poll on the internet I found asks people to choose witch of the four they thought would be the answer to "Are Blondes Dumb"?HELL YEAH! 20% (3)No way! There actually really smart0% (0)I don’t know, I never met one0% (0)Some are but then again some aren’t. It all depends on who you’re talking about73% (11)This Poll Yet agrees to my term "It’s not the color it’s the Person". This classic case of Blondes actually being dumb is just another funny but offensive stereotype. We get those a lot in society these days. When you’re a school or in the mall, and you see someone dress and talk a certain way your automatically (Usually) judge or Miss Judge a person into a stereotype. Sometimes this stereotype would make you want to approach them but sometimes it warns you to keep away. People say first impressions are everything. But that’s a big load of Bull. You have to get to know a person before you can actually judge them into a category. The same way it is with Blondes. The only reason I think the Blonde Stereotype keeps continuing is because of the Jokes that come out of it. Here is an example; Two blondes were in a parking lot trying to unlock the door of their car with a coat hanger.First Blonde: "I can't seem to get this door unlocked!Second Blonde: Well you better hurry up. It's starting to rain and the top is down!These types of Jokes and the fun we get out of it keeps this Stereotype alive. But as society Grows, these jokes become more of our everyday lives, and Blondes even laugh at them. Talk About encouraging them to keep going. Even although the "Dumb" Blonde Stereotype is alive and breathing, non natural blondes such as Brunettes or red heads will/might dye their hair Blonde. Being aware of the "Dumb" Blonde stereotype why would they proceed and do this. They don’t really care. This brings us back to the begging of the article when I told you men consider blondes more attractive. In this Fish eat Fish world you got to keep up to date. If Blondes are actually that pretty (Usually they are), then they don’t care to dye their hair to bleach blonde. All in all, everyone knows it’s a stereotype, that way anyone I know doesn’t take it to be offensive. In Conclusion; it’s not a matter of "BLONDES" being dumb. It’s a matter of the character and personality that’s glued in side of that person’s body. Next time you go and Judge someone. Do some "personal" research. Don’t just jump to a 5 second conclusion. No matter what we do the blonde stereotype will live on. The Jokes are Hilarious, and since most of the time No one gets hurt. Well, Bata Bing Bata Bang.

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5 Answers to “Tell me of this Persuasive essay on Dumb Blondes is good? Please :) <3?”

  1. splairge says:

    maralyn monroe wasactually really really smartt and had a high IQ, she just acted dumb in the movies. xx (: blondes ARE NOT dumb (: Report Abuse

  2. conde's says:

    I started going through editing it and changing some grammar, but now I’m beginning to think you just want to hear if it’s good or bad…. I’ll edit my response if you’d like me to proof read it.Oh and I just have to say, who puts a ;) in an essay?

  3. sorbian says:

    WOW what a mouth full is this a college essay? any way, to answer your question no. Blonds are very intelegent they just have a personality to match. Infact blonds are so intelegent that they know the secret to life is to enjoy it, it’s why blonds have more fun. so there you have it.

  4. interrogatee says:

    It’s an offensive and hateful stereotype with no basis in truth. I don’t know why people don’t take it more seriously. If someone looks at two women (one blonde, one brunette) and immediately assumes that the brunette is smarter, then that’s almost as serious as sexism or racism.

  5. ENG-NET says:

    short and simple answer for long questionits a stereotype