The movie – Vantage Point; I have to write an essay about the movie in English 007?

Hi. I never ask about homework on Y!A, but I'm in need of help.I'm in college, and in my English 007 class we watched the movie Vantage Point and now we have to write an essay about it (5 paragraphs, 4 pages, double spaced). I'm not in need of help about how to write the essay, but what to write about. (example) A student in my class is writing about security, the secret service, and what both could have done differently in the movie. Those are his 3 main points. I really have no clue what to write about that could be long enough, and I'm just looking for some ideas.

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2 Answers to “The movie – Vantage Point; I have to write an essay about the movie in English 007?”

  1. karad's says:

    You could try to justify the way the movie was filmed by showing how it was a good idea to show the film “out of order” and make the audience put the pieces together. This is something about this film that I have always found to be very interesting. Or you could argue the opposite point by proving that putting the film out of order is confusing for the audience. Although, it all depends on what type of essay you are supposed to write.

  2. woodnote says:

    You could write about how people in different locations could have different views of how an event actually took place.