What is the proper way to cite this in an essay?

I am writing a paper, and I need to cite this, both in the text and then on a works cited page. I'm not sure what this would be considered (an article, web site, etc.) and I don't know how I should cite it. I have looked on several websites (MLA ones) but I can't seem to figure it out. Please help?

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  1. pierlike says:

    Theres a website called galenet.com it helps i just wrote mla paper. like an example of in text citation is after something you put the source like so (source). If there is a page number, your going to right it like this (source 22). and on you works cited page, you can use citationmachine.net and find in theyre little box thing mla and it’ll do the format with you. I’m very confusing and i apologize but i hope you can figure it out!

  2. configurationally says:

    Try using EasyBib.com. You can cite up to 55 different sources, including websites and blogs. Fill in as much information you know, and EasyBib will format it for you. I recommend citing it similar to a blog because the content on Yahoo Answers is user generated. Here is the form: http://www.easybib.com/cite/form/blogGood luck!