What is your opinion on test-taking in schools?

I am a huge advocate for modifying test-taking in schools. I think giving a 100-question multiple-choice exam tests short-term memory, rather than comprehension of the subject material and the efficient application of it to daily life.I want to know your thoughts...from experience, from your personal views, and so on. Do you think testing is fair to all (whether it be essay, multiple-choice, or true/false)? Is it possible that some students have strength in writing and others do not? Is it possible that a person with a better memory can do better with multiple-choice than a person with poor memory?I consider myself an intelligent individual. I am an excellent writer and I usually ace my papers, but frequently get low grades on multiple-choice exams. That is why I ask this question.Best Answer goes to the most insightful answer! :)

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3 Answers to “What is your opinion on test-taking in schools?”

  1. hierogrammatist says:

    It is highly overrated. Anybody can pass any test. No kidding. Just prepare by taking many tests. After a while you run out of new questions and you know the answers.It is overrated because I can pass a nurse test and yet be a horrible nurse. I can pass a Microsoft Certified Professional test and yet create low quality code (and forget within a few months all the silly little facts they check).But tests are cheap. So they are probably going to stay.

  2. pin-ups says:

    Don’t get me started! Right now I’ll just say “can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” As I finish up my degree, I’ll have more possible alternatives in mind.

  3. kvass says:

    i think that we should take test of all type because u should u know how to write a essay and mulitple choice is goign to come up when we take our sats..so i think we should ..its ogign to help us in the future. its true that some people are better then others but that just means that u have to sutdy more…its not about memory its just that u have to study..people who dont study obviously dotn rememebr anything..it really doesnt matter on the format of multiple choice and the true/flase , as long as u study ..you can get a good grade….also if its a essay u need to learn how to write a essay, thats going to let u write a better essawy…so it really doesnt matter about the format..as long as u learn and study..trust me about this!