Killing animals for food.?

I am doing an argumentative essay about killing animals for food, and i need other peoples knowledge on an couple arguments which are 1. Meat is necessary for proper nutrition and 2. A vegetarian diet is inconvenient; a meat-based diet is convenient. And just so everyone knows my position is NOT to kill animals for food. but i need some information on what people think about those 2 arguments.

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  1. selim says:

    You’re going to need better arguments, because neither of those are true and are very easily disproven. Especially the first one.

  2. stigove says:

    One by one1) “Meat is necessary for proper nutrition..” True enough but you have to qualify. In the modern Western setting, meat can easily be argued as “unnecessary” because of the availability of other foods. However, consider that many of these alternative to meat foods may not be available to everyone. Therefore, to any person who does not have access to a well balanced vegetarian diet, meat is necessary for proper nutrition. There is also a misconception that every person who eats meat has the “typical American diet” or that meat is the only thing they eat both of which are obviously not true. Many people eat meat because it balances their diet and they are very healthy. 2) “A vegetarian diet is inconvenient” Again as I pointed out in the first premise, you have to qualify. Because again as mentioned, people don’t have equal access to all foods that constitute a balanced diet. On this section alone, you have many people asking questions such as “Where in ___ can I find___?” clearly indicating that food availability for balanced diets is not universal.

  3. karaoke says:

    Yes,your arguments is right,but not kill animals for food is not reality.

  4. barnyard says:

    Well, uh…meat ISN’T necessary for proper nutrition.Unless you know something the American Dietetic Association doesn’t.

  5. dissimulated says:

    Well there are a lot of vitamins and minerals that are much harder to find in nature if we don’t eat meat. However, looking at the history of humanity, we never actually were the “hunter/gatherers” many people have the misconception that we were. Back in the early human days, when tools were crude clubs and spears at best, killing wild game was extremely difficult. We actually were more likely to feast on animals that had already been killed by other animals or died of natural causes. Ultimately, we were mostly the gatherer/scavenger type of animal. Basically, meat was a part of our diets, but in a much more limited fashion. Killing game did not come until our tools and our social structures advanced much further. This indicates that, while meat is mostly necessary to get those particular nutrients that are harder to find amongst the flora of our planet, we didn’t go killing for our food. This is why diets that limit meat to maybe a couple times a week and in much more limited portions is much healthier for people.Vegetarian diets, on the other hand, are only inconvenient because of the society in which we live. We waste billions of gallons of water and billions of pounds of grain on feeding livestock. One cow will consume enough water in its lifetime to float a destroyer vessel. If we were to refocus a large part of our resources towards producing more fruits, vegetables, and grains, we would be far better off as a whole, both in resources as well as food supply. In fact, if we were to go all-vegetarian as a society and as a race, we could feed the planet four times over just on the agricultural supply of the US alone.

  6. testimonies says:

    I do not know why would you ask that in this section.

  7. camleteen says:

    Wow, “convenience” is the new excuse for slaughtering animals? Jumping jesus.

  8. pseudovolcano says:

    To say that meat does not have any vitamins that cannot be found in plants is true enough. But that is being presumptuous because not all people have access to the variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and grains that constitute a well balanced vegetarian/vegan diet. They don’t have money and fully stocked grocery stores. For all practical purposes, for those who do not have access to such foods, meat is the only exclusive source of these nutrients. Protein deficiency may not be prevalent in the West but it is a serious problem is many countries. It is even more ridiculous to say that meat is not a good source of the nutrients mentioned. That is vegetarian propaganda influenced thinking at it’s finest (and most delusional). A good example is b12 which even the Vegetarian Resource Group has acknowledged that does not have a viable source in plant foods outside of a special yeast and specific fortified foods.Every single life from on this planet exists at the expense of another life form. If you took this out of the equation all life would die. In order for something to live, something has to die. Its how the world works whether people like it or not.

  9. jdevona says:

    meats alone are complete proteins. vegans must eat a range of things to make it complete, except for soybeans

  10. chevaliers says:

    Well this is a totally flawed and biased argument to start with, that you have been assigned. Instead of a prejudiced conclusion in the title of the topic, they could have left it like open questions “Is meat necessary for proper nutrition” and “Is a vegetarian diet inconvenient?” ….but the way they have stated the topics, how can you have an open discussion about it. Both these statements are completely untrue and can be disproved easily like one person above has answered.Meat is totally unnecessary for proper nutrition – I can say this confidently being a life long vegetarian and never had meatA vegetarian diet is very convenient – Kust grab a couple of fruits for breakfast and cut some veggies into a salad for dinner; how inconvenient can that be :)

  11. hearsays says:

    Well for one thing, meat is NOT necessary for proper nutrition. Not at all.No-one in Hindu India eats meat- that’s a billion people making your life easier by answering phone at your bank, making computers and shoes, and being the smartest people in the world ( more nobel prize winners from India than any other countrY) and they eat vegetarian and alwasy have. That argument is ridiculous.A vegetarian diet is convenient.Imagine trying to house meat in a warm climate with no fridge. If you want meat, you’re tied to the chill box, it’s stupid, can you make it to lunch without your chicken enchilada going bad?Can you leave meat in the car for an hour without getting sick?If you ask me, all that palava is completely inconvenient.Meat is the most expensive thing on the menu- that isn’t convenient.You have to cook it just so- too little and you can die of ecoli. If it touches non cooked meat you can die from ecoli. God it’s nothing but restrictions and inconvenience, meat is.!

  12. unmoor says:

    LOL you’re asking for proof that meat is a necessary component for life in the VEGGIE section?Well, meat does have the most BIO-AVAILABLE iron, B12, and protein for absorbtion. That’s just a fact. The vegans will deny that completely… They prefer to get their iron/B12/protien from soy and beans.You can get any diet supplement you want from pills, or yeast, or whatever — doesn’t mean it’s the BEST.Meat IS necessary for proper nutrition if you don’t supplement and eat a balanced diet. Iron is in many foods, but needs Vit C to be absorbed (just like calcium needs Vit D).The veggie diet being inconvenient arguement is certainly true from the omnivore perspective. Veggies are always having to read labels to see if there are “hidden” animal ingredients like rennet, gelatin, colorings and such. Vegans won’t eat or use anything that came from an animal in any way, so no honey, no leather, no jello, etc… It can make life unnecessarily hard (but that’s a point of view).I mean, why read labels when you can just eat food? (omnivore view) Some red food dyes come from beetles — why should we care? They’re BEETLES.As long as the diet is balanced and a person is getting the required nutrients, the diet doesn’t really matter. It’s really what the person is willing to do to continue the diet.Approx. 96% of the WORLD takes the easy route. Even devout peoples, like Jews and Muslims, eat meat as long as it’s prepared a certain way.Only vegetarians and vegans do not eat meat, due to ‘ethical’ considerations. They’ve decided they don’t want to eat animal flesh. Mostly they think that animals are treated badly and they think that if they don’t consume animals, it will have some effect on slaughterhouses and how animals are treated (they’re mistaken because there’s not enough of them to make any impact).The whole “free range” thing came about because of them.Free range is the biggest croc there is. The farms keep animals in cages their whole life, then open the door to the cage the last week before they kill the animals, and say, “oh they had a chance to go outside”… but the animal never leaves the cage, because it’s not about to leave the only safety it’s known it’s whole life.But the people believe it… and when a company is trying to make a dollar, that’s what counts!Hope I helped!Good luck.

  13. agraffe says:

    Meat has traditionally been necessary for a proper balanced diet. At least in some areas. Many of the plant substitutes commonly used in vegetarian diets were not widely available even fifty years ago. There are some vitamins and minerals that are most readily available in meat. And while some plant product have high amounts of protein, the protein in meat is much more readily processed by the human body. This also leads into an omnivorous diet being more convenient. Meat is readily available, while adequate plant substitutes are sometimes harder to find, or more expensive. And if you’re going to avoid meat, eating out becomes more difficult, you have to be much more aware of what is in the food you’re eating.

  14. justed says:

    Is an argument necessary? About 6 Billion people on the planet eat meat. Humans are omnivores and many people would die if they couldn’t supplement their diet with some meat. Just because some vegans/vegetarians have the luxury of being able to buy whatever foods they need to live a healthy life doesn’t mean everyone is that fortunate.

  15. timefully says:

    1. You must be under the impression that everyone lives you like you, which has at least a $9/hour minimum wage law, welfare, food stamps, .99 cent tacos…ext..ext..No, in most parts of the world, nutrients are scarce, and you get them from anywhere you can. The most abundant food source is not plants (for humans), but animals. 2. Vegetarianism is a luxury. This is what happens when you have abundant resources in your environment. It is not only inconvenient, but a pathetic joke to most people in the world. You think they’re going to die or let their children die, because it makes the animals “sad”?3. You might be able to correlate healthy people with vegetarian life styles, but correlations are misleading. Vegetarianism exist mostly in the west, where also fast food happens to be very popular. Do you see how vegetarians could have an advantage? Your arguments are based on imaginary emotions and concepts.In the end, eating meat is necessary to billions of people and animals…and anything else is appealing to emotions.