Korean War essay suggestions?

I am currently taking AP U.S. History and we need to write about a period in American History.I chose the essay question to be "To what degree of success did the Korean War have on the U.S. policy of containment?"and I've also came up with my TEL (intro) paragraph."Although it wasn't a complete success, the Korean war has dealt a great degree of success on the U.S. policy of containment. The actions that the U.S. took showed the world that the U.S. was going to do what it promises and it will contain communism to where it is. Some factors that showed success were...."I'm not sure if it makes any sense. So please help me come up with some suggestions

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  1. banisters says:

    The proof containment worked is the fact that South Korea is not a Communist country…GC Report Abuse

  2. colchon says:

    I think your on the wrong track.You need to ask your self first, what was the U.S policy of containment? And how did the U.S get involved in the Korean war?. Your introduction sounds like the conclusion. You should not be writing an introduction until after you have done your research and then done your essay body. Only write the introduction after you have written the main body and the conclusion – that way you know better how to open up your essay to your reader.in the introduction, you need to be introducing your reader to key concepts of the U.S policy of containment and the war in Korea.Your essay proper should be explaining why did the U.S go into Korea? Was the U.S involvmeent in Korea part of the U.S policy of containment? You also need to be asking, how did the Korean war end? Was it a victory for the U.S or a loss or a stalemate? Ie Did the Korean war stop communism in South east asia? did it stop North Korea, China or Russia?What happened after the Korean war? Did the U.S policy of containment change? Was the Korean war perceived by key people such as Dean Acheson and President Truman as a victory? Always write your main body of your essay and then come back to the introduction and conclusion later.

  3. lydon says:

    Okay, the Truman Doctrine was the American policy of containment. This policy said that the United States was not going to try and liberate countries already occupied by the Communists, but would oppose any Communist attempt to overthrow the governments of non-Communists countries.When the UN forces (Americans) chased the North Koreans back into North Korea they had fulfilled their obligations under the Truman Doctrine. Then they overstepped their authority and tried to liberate North Korea. The Chinese intervened and the UN was forced to retreat back to the original boarder. Then the two armies settled down into a war of attrition along the 38th parallel. In fact after 1951 the US military always had the power to push the Chinese Army back into China. But this would have brought the Soviet Union into the war and Truman wanted to avoid that possibility. However, within the context of the Truman Doctrine the Korean Was was a total success.You might want to start by asking what was the Truman Doctrine? Who was it applied to the North Korean Invasion of South Korea. Was this application to the situation successful?Then go ahead and give a brief history of the conflict, including the decision to liberate North Korea and its consequence of the Chinese intervention and eventual stalemate along the 38th parallel. Then you will want to draw your conclusion…the Communists were contained, but the attempt to liberate North Korea failed and led to a prolonged war of attration. You might also note that, after being burned in North Korea, Lyndon Johnson restricted the American military in Vietnam from destroying Communist sancuaries in Laos, Cambodia, and the DMZ which gave the North Vietnamese Communist sancuaries from which to attack South Vietnam.