What is a good, original moral issue to discuss in an essay?

I don't want to write about what everybody does, ie. capital punishment, abortion, animal testing etc... Any ideas for an original topic?

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5 Answers to “What is a good, original moral issue to discuss in an essay?”

  1. colorimeter says:

    All moral issues are usually hot topics. That said, why not try writing about medicines and its effects on human evolution.Since humans started using medicines to overcome illnesses, and more importantly to keep people from dying. Humans with genetic defects are able to live to reproduce. In this way they are able to spread their bad genes to their children. Overall this has allowed humans that used to be too weak to breed, and who would have normally died from said diseases, to have offspring like a normal healthy organism.

  2. mumble says:

    My friend came 1st in the state for that subject, his essay was titled “mother is a lesbian but I will always love her”. I think it is easier to write about something that means a lot to you. Think about the people around you and what they have been through, then write about that issue… Good luck!

  3. delectation says:

    How about downloading music from the Internet?Or+ Just vs unjust war+ Nuclear arms+ Unborn in objecting to to abortion, in vitro fertilization, frozen embryos, embryonic stem cell research, and cloning+ The elderly, sick and dying in objecting to assisted suicide and euthanasia+ Prisoners in objecting to torture and the death penalty+ The poor and minorities in supporting social justice issues.With love in Christ.

  4. andsign says:

    why so many religions?is the car a safe means of transportation? (100+ per day in U.S)

  5. ajetaan says: