Forgot to hand in essay today..what to do?

I didint really forget.. I just though I had english today but instead, I had health. And there was an essay due.. so Ieft my college and decided not to go to class. because he said you need that paper in order to come in. but I thought I had English today.What should I do now? the essay is alredy done. What should I do next time I have health.

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3 Answers to “Forgot to hand in essay today..what to do?”

  1. outfoot says:

    email it right away, you might get 0

  2. higginsite says:

    Get out your syllabus or whatever document contains the policies and procedures for your Health class and look up the policy on assignments.If you can submit them electronically, then follow the procedure and submit the essay electronically.If you can’t, then take a paper copy and go back to college ASAP, and turn it in at whatever administrative or departmental office covers the Health Department. Explain which class it’s for and that you are turning it in late. The secretary will make a note on it about when it was turned in, which should prevent you from accruing more than one day’s penalties (if you get it there the same day it was due).Find a classmate from Health and get any notes about what happened in class.Then the next time you have Health, you should apologize for turning in your work late and for missing the previous class, but you will at least have fulfilled all the obligations you had.In the future, when you finish an essay or other piece of work, put a hard copy in a folder you keep in whatever bag you carry to college and back. That way, even if you make a mistake about what class you have that day, the assignment will be right there and you can turn it in.

  3. whillilew says:

    What you should have done was go home and email it to the teacher right away during that class period and say you couldn’t attend but you wanted to prove that you had it done.You still need to email it as soon as possible, in my opinion. You will have a smaller chance of getting docked.