What does a flood smell like? (Read details)?

Hi! I'm writing a "senses" essay for my writing class, and each paragraph has to be describing a sense. I'm stuck on "smell." The photo I am describing is right here: [external link] …Right now all I can think of is:-Rain water-Mud- Pine trees- Cat's wet furI could just use those, but that paragraph will be really short compared to my other ones. I suppose I could just hide it in the middle.. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. k's says:

    Well, it’s certainly not a pleasant smell, I’ll give you that much.The most prevalent smell is this overpowering stench of silt and wet earth. It’s definitely more dominant than all of the other smells that may be present. Rain water is a key smell, but it’s almost like… I don’t know how to describe it… Stale? Stale rain water? Or a tepid pond, with algae floating on top. Everything seems to be contaminated by the smell of dampness. Everything’s tainted by it, even pine trees.I don’t think I contributed that much, hah.

  2. insusceptible says:

    I imagine the motor would be giving off a smell. Perhaps sewer waste? Garbage might have been left out.

  3. Fourierite says:

    like morning breath

  4. tormentingly says:

    Earthy or muddy because the earth has been moved around in the creeks. Bolders rolling the creeks making thunderous sounds.