Who thinks that the Little girl who won the Hana Montana Concert Tickets should still be able to go.?

There was a contest for The Hanna Montana Concert Ticket's that were very hard to come by , and there Was A contest for the best Essay by A child to win 4 Tickets to go to the concert And get A makeover. But they Find out that the Mom had written the Letter , and Lied about her husband being killed in Iraq , which would have been the Little girls Father. Well come to find out It was all A Lie , and the Father never Died and is living in another city. So The mom wrote the Letter and Lied. So they Took the Tickets away from the Little Girl , and Now she is confused and doesn't know why she cant go now. And the worst of it all , was she found out during the Makeover , and it was being Video taped with her Getting A Hanna Montana Makeover. Wow to take A dream away from A little girl All because the Mom Lied. and she got caught live on the News SO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD SHE STILL BE ABLE TO GO OR NOT?

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14 Answers to “Who thinks that the Little girl who won the Hana Montana Concert Tickets should still be able to go.?”

  1. triage says:

    No way should she be able to go. Her Mom lied about a death in Iraq. Her Mom needs to explain to her when she is older how Mommy lied. Good life lesson.

  2. superinfinite says:

    It was all a lie. She didn’t write the essay. She didn’t win. What about the little girls who followed the rules?

  3. nonsludging says:

    Sorry, but no.There’s no way that the girl should benefit more than she already has.Do I feel bad for her? Sure. Did she know she was lying? Not in the adult way. Did her mom REALLY think that she was writing an essay that didn’t need to be fact? Not a chance (essay by it’s nature is FACT. Otherwise they ask you to write a STORY).If this little girl is allowed to go, then mom gets her wish. And the little girl doesn’t learn the consequences of pulling such a terrible, unconscionable deception.Nope. She shouldn’t be allowed to go. It’s shameful it got as far as it did.

  4. ramez says:

    Her mom shouldn’t have lied. It may be wrong that the little girl has to suffer for the mom’s consequences, but I think it’s fair that she shouldn’t get to go.

  5. painches says:

    Well think about it how many little girls do u think actually wrote thier own letter and sent it in there probably like none of them so think about that and there had to be a lot of lieing going on with every little girl that sent in a letter so u have to feel bad for the only one that got caught i mean she is the happiest little girl ever to be abl to do all that stuff so i think she should be able to still go for sure

  6. malignation says:

    Its unfortunate that this mother is teaching her daughter that to get things you should be dishonest. I absolutely think she should not get the tickets. Not only that she should have fraud charges brought on her.

  7. univocability says:

    Why not! She can live with the shame of going to the concert when she gets older too

  8. bobization says:

    NO WAY!

  9. vitreousness says:

    I think the little girl should be able to go, but that the Mom should be charged with fraud and the entertainment company that sponsored the promotion should sue her a$s off.

  10. jeavock says:

    I guess she shouldnt be able to go because it would not be fair for the little girl that should have won. I feel bad for the mom and mostly for the little girl becasue her prize is being taken away, but you they have to do what is right, so i dont think she should be able to go. At least she already got that whole makeover, that must have been fun for her.

  11. straightways says:

    shouldnt the mom get the tickets if she wrote the survey?

  12. unattackableness says:

    I think she should… but then again they never really won the essay.But she should be able to go since they led her to believe it, just not get the makeover.

  13. disconsolate says:

    Well it depends how old she is, mum shouldn’t have been so retarded, I would have taken the tickets away and given them to the next best essay because they obviously deserved it more then they did for lying. The girl must have had SOME knowledge of her mum lying.

  14. bodger says:

    Hasn’t the child been humiliated enough?