Why does good always defeat evil?

i have to write an informal essay on beowulf and the topic is asking why does good always defeat evil and did it effect my enjoyment of the story? ahaha i have NO clue what to write about.and i have to compare any GOOD vs EVIL story plotlikeee batman, superman, spiderman, etc.and compare it to BEOWULF and esplain why good always seemsto win and if it did or did not effect my enjoyment and why or why not.help?lol thanks!

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4 Answers to “Why does good always defeat evil?”

  1. twee says:

    Good doesn’t always defeat Evil, in real life or in stories. Most modern day stories are made for moral enjoyment, if Evil triumphed over Good then people would find it socially uncomfortable, because entertainment is for enjoyment therefore it must coincide to our morals.

  2. pellian says:

    Well, I kinda looked at it like karma. The evil person does something, then karma bites them and they lose.Not sure if it helped, but I hope it did

  3. posterotemporal says:

    Good always wins because we like to have hope that despite all of the bad, we can still make it through. We would like more than just hope. These are stories made to help humanity, that comfort humanity. It is a reason why some people pray, the reason why some people believe in a higher power watching over us. The reality is that “good” does not always win. Take for instance hitler, sure he is gone but did good actually win. Optimistic view would say yes, but how many people are still living with those painful memories? how many people died. In such situation no one every wins. If you see it in a general fashion neither of them have won. I think we create these stories to cope with the reality that things don’t always go as smooth. Shadow

  4. scalded says:

    Beowulf was created in a time when tribe wars was strife and no one really understood why so many bad things were happening all the time (mainly because of the lack of head leadership in the form of government, hierarchy etc) so they had to create the belief that good always does triumph over evil and even though it does not seem like it, they had to hold on to the belief so that their spirits wouldn’t be crushed.. At least that is my personal opinion of the concept in relative to Beowulf. Beowulf would triumph in the face of all danger and it gave people hope to hear the story in their dreary lives.