Macbeth essay: help please?

I'm just on the introduction.The essay is about how Macbeth changes in the play, with a man with a sense of morality, to a man with no conscience.I have written a few lines... =]The murderous and violent route which Macbeth takes from a noble warrior to king transforms him into a man with a sense of morality to a man with no conscience at all. His overambitious character which granted him the thane of cawdor advances into an obsession mixed with paranoia with assuring he safely remains king.Ive written more...But.. I want to start the essay with something about insanity.. or madness... describing it... How can I do that?thanks in advancex

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  1. moist says:

    That’s a really good intro!I’ve still not gotten my essay question =/You could maybe say how Lady Macbeth goes mad and commits suicide and his reaction to it.Or you could say how his and Lady Macbeths relationship changes after he becomes King, they are no longer equal.And how he doesn’t talk to her about anything any more.Hope I helped =] x