Can you help me find a transition for my paragraph?

This is a paragraph from a contemplative essay I've written and am editing. I can't seem to find a transition (it can be a single word or phrase or whole sentence) for the place where I put the *. I don't want to put anything too formal like "furthermore" because this is a contemplative essay. Another time, in an after-school Red Cross meeting, a woman told us that if we were to collide with the ceiling above her head at the speed of a fast car, we would be crushed to mush. The woman's name was Shehnaz: she was short, had a large black mole under her right eye, and was heavily pregnant. She then demonstrated to us how to apply a dressing to a small wound to the knee. *I have a friend who attends an elite prep school in New England, and we sometimes chat on Facebook. Recently, she told me that her biology classes at her school bore her because they include too much naming and labelling. "…and we can understand how everything is built in blocks, but I kept thinking: Do I understand the body of a bird now? What is all that stuff when you get to the bottom of it?"

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  1. stelzel says:

    Maybe “Not to mention” “Including”