Compare & Contrast Indian Culture in the 1950′s to American Culture currently?

I'm reading a book called Nectar In a Sieve, and in my essay, its asks if possible, compare and contrast Indian culture to our culture. This book takes place in the 1950s, so I'm assuming we compare and contrast India in the 1950s to our modern time today in America.

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3 Answers to “Compare & Contrast Indian Culture in the 1950′s to American Culture currently?”

  1. silicide says:

    Indian culture is well known from millions of years. It do not have to change or need to compare with any of the country. India has given Ayurveda and Yoga to whole world. So many such things are present in India, just needs to do advertise. [external link] Report Abuse

  2. nonpersistent says:

    This is hot how you should do your HOMEWERK!,,,you’ll only get crappy one line answers…

  3. danli says:

    1950′s India was emerging from British rule, and coping with a burgeoning civil disaster that would kill thousands, and leave the country carved up into three pieces, the inhabitants of each plotting to kill all of the others! Not much in that experience to compare to America in the 1950′s or the 2010′s.