How to start off an Algebra 2 essay?

I need to write an essay expressing my feelings toward algebra and if I believe students should study it in school. I'm not sure how to start off. Because, personally, I'm very good at math but I absolutely hate it. I just need a good hook to start off! Do I start with the definition of Algebra?

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2 Answers to “How to start off an Algebra 2 essay?”

  1. ythaaag says:

    You should start by saying what all of your classmates are thinking…..”Why do I have to learn this? I’ll never use this in REAL life.” Then write about some times it does come up in life.

  2. janitorship says:

    Algebra may seem pointless to you now, but it does have a purpose. First off, it is good exercise for your brain, and second and perhaps more important, it actually comes in handy in some interesting situations like you have a recipe for 4, but you need to prepare a dinner for 6, or you have the choice of purchasing multiple units of a given item at the grocery store in two or more different sizes, and need to determine which is the better deal. Trust me, these questions will come up more often than, “Why did Silas Marner take in the girl?”