How powerful is the placebo effect?

I am writing an essay on it for psychology and don't know which angle to do-not powerful or extremel powerful

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6 Answers to “How powerful is the placebo effect?”

  1. shinny says:

    A placebo is a fake treatment that in some cases can produce a very real response. The more a person expects the treatment to work, the more likely they are to exhibit a placebo response. [external link] …

  2. overcleverness says:

    as powerful as the will of the ape i mean subject is

  3. keckling says:

    the power of suggestion is very powerful and effective..

  4. thore says:

    They’re very powerful, as long as the subject is oblivious to what they really are.

  5. navaid says:

    Think of religion as a placebo for society..

  6. duelli says:

    Powerful enough to delude people into thinking that they “KNOW” something is “real” because they are in fact just talking to the air.