Stray pencil marks on my SAT?

So this morning I took the SATs. When the proctor called time and started to collect our booklets, I was flipping my answer booklet back to the front side and saw that a ton of my pencil marks had made imprints everywhere. My pencil was really dull so I must have been pressing pretty hard, and now the other pages have pencil marks strewn about. Even my essay had markings all over it. A couple of the marks were pretty dark, but when I asked the proctor about it, he insisted that it wouldn't affect anything and wouldn't let me go through and erase them. He was kind of a jerk so I don't know if I trust him. If I remember right they were mostly in the blank space and not really near where the actual answers are bubbled, but I'm really not sure. Should I be worried about this? Is there a good chance my scores will be affected? And is it true you can pay to get hand scoring for the multiple choice?Thanks in advance

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  1. parthenocarpic says:

    lol you’re fine. I drew little pictures all over mine and got the scores back just fine.