Would I be ethnically Chinese or Vietnamese?

I got more confused about the definition of ethnicity after I went to Ethnic Studies at my high School. I'm a freshman.I am a Hoa. Basically Hoa's are often referred as Vietnamese-Chinese. But I'm not half half because when I tell that to people they think I'm mixed. I was born in Vietnam but moved to USA when I was 5. I think I'm ethnically Chinese right? And also, Is my nationally Vietnamese or American because I'm a legal citizen of the USA.. Anndd, when I tell people I'm Vietnamese Chinese, am I telling them my race or ethnicity? My parents are also Hoa's. Please helpp! I'm working on an essay that has to do with this topicc ! Thx!

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4 Answers to “Would I be ethnically Chinese or Vietnamese?”

  1. overresolute says:

    Ethnicity refers not to just race, but also to culture. If you act according to Vietnamese customs, you’re considered Vietnamese. Your birth nationatilty is Vietnamese, but is currently American. When they say Vietnamese-Chines, it is based on race.

  2. akund says:

    Your race is Chinese. Ethnicity is Vietnamese. Nationality is American.Race is inherited. Ethnicity is what cultural group you are a member of. Nationality is the country you belong to. Technically, those are the differences. Race and ethnicity tends to be used interchangebly. Most people will incorrectly use ethnicity as race.As for nationality, I don’t think it matters that you born in another country. Your nationality is the country you are the citizen of, and the one you are associated with. I wouldn’t consider you a Vietnamese national.If you tell people you are Vietnamese Chinese, people would think you are half and half. Chinese people live around the world. I’ve met a woman like you who was Chinese and grew up in Vietnam. You should call yourself a Chinese from Vietnam to be accurate about your race. If you want to called yourself Vietnamese, thats fine. That is your ethnicity, but people are going to assume it is your race too. Like I said, people will use race and ethnicity interchangebly. It’s up to you what you want to be called.

  3. protalbumose says:

    So you’re bloodline is Chinese but born and raised in Vietnam till you were five. and your parents are the same. So it’s pretty much the best to say you are a Vitenamese American.Eva is wrong, race can actually mean any sort of group. It can be an umbrella term.

  4. rezbook says:

    If you visited a foreign country how would you describe yourself.? If I visited America and someone asked me about my ethnicity I would say: by the fact that I was born in the country I am an Australian but becasue I am first generation and my mother is Italian and my father is Greek I have no “cultural identity”. I dont feel I belong to any ethnic group. My father though identified or felt he was Italian becasue he lived five years in Rome and married an Italian. His father was also Italian. So Dad feels Italian. So….there are “intangible” (not objective, measurable criteria) that determine ones sense of ethnicity. There is the fact of where one is born but also one must take into consideration which group one feels one belongs to and what gives rise to those feelings. Ethnicity is a mixture of fact and feelings.Lastly, for the sake of the essay there is a social theory that says that amongst human being “race” is non-existant. That is there are no species amongst humans. I as a caucasian and you and as an asian are like different breeds of labradors, but we are both labradors.