Descriptive essay ideas…..?

For a descriptive essay, I am either thinking of describing a pet store/zoo or a Thanksgiving dinner. I am having trouble deciding which topic has more to describe. Any ideas? What could I describe for these topics or any other ideas? I was thinking for a Thanksgiving dinner describing the decorations, food, and the people there.

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  1. rosey says:

    All are excellent ideas. With the Thanksgiving dinner one, you could describe the smells, the conversation, the food, the little kids running around.With the pet store idea you could describe the smells, the animals, the kids with their faces pressed up against the glass of a container, begging their parents to let them have what’s inside.With the zoo idea, I believe it would be very interesting from a kid’s point of view. He/she seeing the amazing lion, holding his/her parents’ hands, running up to see the big bear, the fluffy pink flamingo.Really, it’s what you think you’d be best at writing. If you suddenly get more and more ideas to add onto or change what I suggested, than that’s what you should go with. They are all happy stories, so it should be something you really want to write.