Do you have an underage drinking story…that ended with law enforcement or trajedy?

Hello:Im writing an essay for college and my topic si Underage Drinking and Law Enforcement. I would like to include some real life situations to this essay to make it more descriptive. Please give me just your first name or let me know what name you would like me use when I quote you....this will be VERY much appreciated! Thank You...I would like to hear ALL your opinions on this! Thank You sooo much!

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7 Answers to “Do you have an underage drinking story…that ended with law enforcement or trajedy?”

  1. bimetallic says:

    Yes, The other day actually.. a boy from my community was driving home with a drunk driver and their car crashed.. the passenger was killed. It’s so difficult for everyone because he was only 16, and one dumb mistake took his life… my name’s simone

  2. tiekert says:

    Nope, Was smart enough not to get caught

  3. Ron says:

    YES! LOL

  4. hksuper says:

    My 18th birthday I was in Cedar Point, Ohio. It is an amusement park. We got caught trying to sneak beer into the park inside an old mountain dew bottle. Upon inspection, the officer discovered it was alcohol. I was arrested for minor in posession and taken to jail. Friends bailed me out but after 5-6 hours in a cell by myself. It was a day I’ll never forget! I pleaded no contest and was released with a fine.It was a very costly day!-Jack-

  5. hermitage says:

    yes one time i was drinking and the facists unconstituionally took my beer and arrested me. laws based on ages about 18 are unconstituitonal. elizabeth dole is a whore who ruined liberty. and the drinking age will soon be lowered in several states. they surely dont hate us for our freedom to drink.

  6. autopolyploid says:

    Yes my very first arrest was possession of alcohol by a minor well over 20 years ago. It wasn’t until later, did I realize I had a serious problem with alcohol. I only wish that I had learned from this first arrest that alcohol is a deadly poison and society does not tolerate the things people do while under the influence of it. Multiple arrests later, I finally got sick and tired of suffering the consequences of the disease of alcoholism and sought treatment for this disease. Today, with several years clean and sober, I teach a class on addictions and the devastation wrought by this deadly sickness.

  7. unhypnotizable says:

    Faced alcohol poison in my body, I was being grabbed to the hospital than They electronic shock to my chest while I was in coma for 4 hours in E.R. (in Japan)Thank god I’m back and learned to make limit drinking.