Help! She said no but I’m not convinced?

Two days ago: Me: Hey, did you see the movie Adjustment bureau? Her: No Me: Can I take you out to the movie this Friday then? Her: This friday? No Me: Oh ok *walks away* Her: Wait was that a serious question? Me: Yeah, I know I joke around with you a lot but yes. *walk away* I always joke around with her all the time. I've asked her to Mcdonalds with dollar menu coupons SEVERAL times as a joke and she understands this. But she asked the question, "Wait was that a serious question?" and that threw me off. ABOUT HER She's quiet and hardly talks but she's talked to me a bit because I make fun of her. We laugh a lot together and make fun of each other, I feel really comfortable with her. She has that personality I like: not too obsessed with looks, no makeup, knows how to talk and make jokes, etc. So it's been 2 days and we've been talking normally. Yesterday we talked about her SAT this saturday no awkward anything between us. I got a cookie from my friend and she stole the cookie from my hand today and joked with me she was saving me from obesity. She then took asked my friend for a second cookie and I was just joking the whole time about how I was starving and she was rubbing it in on how good it tasted and then she gave me the last half. She's so cute! Today I walk in and since her SAT is tomorrow I make fun of her saying "ooh no SAT tomorrow no stress feels good!" but I think I went too far because she said sometimes she wants to punch me. I then we t to the board and she stole a bite of my food. She also asked me to check her practice essay and she was sort of laughing at my serious attitude and I was like "what's so funny! You can't take me seriously? She then quickly stopped laughing and I gave her pointers. Should I ask again? I don't want to feel like I'm bothering her. It took every nerve in me to ask her out the first time.

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One Answer to “Help! She said no but I’m not convinced?”

  1. outwill says:

    She probably thought it was a joke and then after that felt that if she brought up the subject again it would be awkward. By her actions, I can only assume that she’s trying to show you that she actually does want to go out, and she’s being a bit flirty. Just ask her again, but don’t just go totally serious/silly because that will make her think you’re joking again. Be casual about it, and i bet she’ll say yes.If not, well then she’s sending you wrong signals.