Dude im way to dumb to know how to do this………….. please help me?

okay so my English teacher is making me right this essay, problem is i have know idea how to write it, i reaaaaaally need someone to help me. So pleasee help. The essay is on A tale of two Cities by Charles dickens. My prompt is How is the placement of minor characters essential to the plot development in A Tale of Two Cities? My minor characters are Mrs. Pross, Jerry Cruncher, and the Vengeance. And the theme in the book i think is in order to achieve happiness and ressurection you need to go through sacrifice. PLEASEE HEELPP ME ON THIS!…

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  1. facewise says:

    For the characters, just think about why they were important. How would the story have been different without them? What did they do to help or hinder the main character? If they had come into the story at a different time, would the story have changed, and how?You seem to know which theme you want to use, so now you just have to talk about it. Think of the reasons why you think this is a theme of the book. Making a list of these reasons would be helpful. If you can find quotes or specific examples of these reasons in the book, cite them in your paper.Writing things like this really isn’t hard. You just have to take a step back and ask yourself some questions. Be systematic in your approach to the essay and it will be easier.

  2. puddingy says:

    I’m sorry but I have not read this book.However, sparknotes.com will be of great help to you.